Independent real-world evidence for healthcare services and the pharmaceutical industry.

Our Experts

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Our experts ensure that the right questions are being asked at the right time, and that the most appropriate methodologies are used to generate reliable evidence.

Dr. Christopher Morgan

Epidemiologist (Consultant)

Dr. Sarah Holden

Pharmacist Researcher

Sara Jenkins-Jones

Research Data Lead

Roger Thomas

Information Security Officer

Bethan Jones

Data Science Lead

Thomas Berni

Data Scientist

Melissa Thomas

Data Analyst

Cerys Jenkins

Research Data Scientist

Elgan Mathias

Research Data Scientist

Harry Fisher

Research Data Scientist

Darren Summers

IT Lead

Lauren Riddick

IT Strategist (Consultant)

James Cheesman

IT Officer

Chris Shepherd

Data Engineer

Karen Pearce

Operations Manager

Sarah Healey

Operations Administrator

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